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Medictr Health & Medical Center

In Medictr, health services can be provided to our foreign patients in many foreign languages.

Our main mission is to provide a comfortable and much more comfortable service to our patients who speak English, German, Russian and Arabic languages, just as if they were receiving service in their own country. We can provide health services with our professional team on both Health Tourism (Health Tourism) and Tourist Health (Health services for visitors coming for tourism).

Antalya is one of the busiest tourism destinations in Turkey, with a higher number of tourists visiting our city than the population of the city. In the meantime, we are able to serve foreign patients with health problems with advanced diagnosis and treatment methods.

Antalya offers many different accommodation options in the whole region. It offers many alternatives from hostels to ultra-luxurious 7-star accommodation facilities. Since there are accommodation facilities suitable for every budget, it can meet the accommodation needs of tourists coming for health tourism.

The Medictr is at an ideal location in terms of its distance from the city and the airport. Patients coming for health tourism can be provided with the opportunity to spend their holidays at the same time within the possibilities of their health.

Our Mission

We are here to provide diagnosis and treatment services at a modern level, with personnel who prioritize patient and employee safety in all healthcare services, adopt patient rights, and constantly improve and renew themselves..

Our Vision

With its modern knowledge and experience, modern medical infrastructure, and being a preferred health institution in many fields of medicine, it is to be an exemplary clinic by providing the right diagnosis and treatment at all times and under all conditions, increasing patient and employee satisfaction in health service delivery.

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