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Will my insurance company cover my treatment in Turkey?

This issue can have different results within the scope of the insurance companies ‘practices and the coverage of the patients’ insurance policies; therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult with your insurance company first.

Will I need to be accompanied?

Depending on your treatment request, you will be notified during planning that you need an accompanying person. If you do not have a companion to accompany you, Medictr consultants will provide you with the best companion option. The selected companions will be nurses who are experienced and graduated from the health field.

How will my treatment process be?

During your treatment, all necessary support will be provided by the Medictr team for patients and their relatives. Medictr will provide the regular interviews with your doctors, ensuring that your relatives can see you regularly if there is no medical problem, coordinating the treatment, examination and examination processes with the relevant health institution, providing translators support if you need them, your possible transportation, accommodation and non-hospital care needs. All reports and results are presented to you in written during the treatment period.

How long do you expect my treatment to last?

Following the examination of the necessary documents and results related to your health condition by your doctor, you will be informed by your doctor about your treatment process quickly.

Should I undergo a medical examination before the trip?

Before your travel, if you need to determine the most appropriate treatment for you, your doctor may request some medical reports and results such as blood tests, past examination results, X-rays and results. In order for these documents to be delivered to your doctor, our website offers you a separate document loading area where you can easily forward these documents.

Can I meet my doctor before starting treatment?

If you request, we offer you the opportunity to share your doctor’s information and have a talk with your doctor before starting treatment, whether on the phone, via WhatsApp, or via Skype.

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