Why Choose Medictr For Hair Transplant?

Why Choose Medictr For Hair Transplant?

In Medictr Clinic, the whole process is planned by our experienced doctors and hair channels are opened by our doctors.

Hair Transplantation operations in Medictr Clinic are carried out according to sterilization rules.

As a result of not performing hair transplantation under sterile conditions, serious problems such as hepatitis B, HIV, AIDS, fungal infection, various systemic infections may occur. In addition to a cosmetically bad appearance after the procedure, patients; may experience conditions such as pain, edema, scalp inflammation, bleeding, skin collapse

Sedation and anesthesia are performed by anesthesiologists at Medictr hair transplant centers. Pain threshold is increased with needle-free anesthesia (Dermojet application).

In the slit and percutaneous needle methods used in hair transplantation, scars may remain in the tissue. Channel angles may not be adjusted naturally. Thanks to the DHI and Saphire Fue hair transplantation techniques performed by Medictr, a natural and permanent appearance is obtained.

Opening the channels with Saphire Fue provides a natural and dense appearance and contributes to rapid healing.

According to the suitability of the donor area, a natural and dense appearance is aimed by transplanting maximum roots to the area to be planted.

With unshaven hair transplantation, you can continue your life without wasting time. Depending on the size of the planted area, it may not be understood that hair transplantation is done.

One of the most important advantages of performing Hair Transplant operations in a fully equipped clinic is that if there is an underlying health problem or chronic different diseases related to hair loss, the person can be directed to other branch doctors and consulted.

In the post-hair transplant period, patients are followed closely by our specialist doctors for 1 year.

As Medictr Clinic, we always stand by our patients because we always prioritize the health and safety of our patients.

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